Blu Vertu - Fashion Week Milan

In a collaboration with Vertu and Independent Idea's, Vogue made an international call for free thinking photographers. The design brief was simply "Blu".

I returned to my constant root of inspiration - light. The cool blue light of morning. This image was taken in Honduras. There I discovered a moment of cool each morning, before the scorching heat climbed it's ark across the sky. I also feel this image evokes an emotion of blue. The bed that has been slept in, now lies empty after the heat of the night. A quiet loneliness.

The concept of the advertising campaign focused on the suggestions related to the colour "blu" that evokes the freedom of travel and the inspiration of the natural elements. The blue, as well as characterizing the phone, becomes the motif of the whole operation.

The event located in Galleria Independent Ideas and Circus spaces, was inspired by the blue advertising campaign, fusing inspirations, technology and glamour in an exclusive evening hosted by Lapo Elkann during Milan's prestigious Fashion Week.

It was an honour and a delight to have my image selected for exhibition. The images selected by Vertu were diverse and unique. I offer my congratulations to all my fellow photographers. It was wonderful to meet the people behind the international collection of camera's. Many of whom I have followed for some time. Thank you for a wonderful evening and great after party!

Franca Sozzani - Editor in Chief, Vogue Italia & Lapo Elkann - President and Founder of Independent Ideas.

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