I first met Judy at the Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival. Judy's work stood out from the crowd. Every piece seemed to tell a story - a fairy tale, where the women are the hero‘s. Her work possesses an elegance; poise of an etherial nature. Much like the lady her self. 

We became friends over a box of lost hats. An unlikely tale of clothing sprouting legs and taking off on an adventure.

The box of fabulous hats had accidentally been left next to her car, instead of safely placed inside by a friend. A discovery not realized until Judy had driven the two hours home. To make matters worse the hats had been borrowed!

As I lived locally Judy called me and asked me to go and see what I could find. The aftermath of the music festival seemed akin to a deserted refugee camp after gun fire. The battle field yielded no hats!

An article was placed in the local news paper and by some kind of magical miracle the hats were amnestied to the local police station. Affixed was a note of thanks. The hats had enjoyed the afterparty!

In a continuation of my artists in their studio´s series, Judy very kindly allowed me to watch her magic in the making. There is a sculptural quality to Judy`s work. The beautiful tailored elements create the bones to allow the luxurious elements of silk, antique lace and object trouve to write the flight of fancy. 

Judy is a talent with writing in the stars. A warm and kind soul with a wonderful laugh!

I am excited to see how this fairy tale will become a reality of world note. 


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