Inside the Artists Studio - Eugenia Vronskaya.

A thirst for artistic knowledge originally brought the intrepid Eugenia Vronskaya to our British shores. Soaked in the magical tradition of Russian Icon Art from the tender age of nine Eugenia excelled through art schools and international residencies, before studying at the Royal College of Art - London.

From London she traveled across Europe in a heady haze of the Great Masters; constantly developing, questioning their skills and her own. For a decade Eugenia worked ceaselessly in London. Often under the tutelage of the great Anthony Caro - her mentor and friend.

Now residing in the Scottish Highlands many elements of Eugenia's personal life are evident in her work. The rich literary and artistic history of her Russian homeland and the wild and dramatic landscape of the Scottish Highlands she now calls home. Seen here are the Lego and cartoon characters that creep into her compositions. A clear signpost to the largest part of her heart and soul, her two sons.

Eugenia possesses a rare talent to capture a persons essence on canvas. She was once asked by the small child of a sitter if she had in fact " ....used his real eye's on the painting....". The many years of labouring towards magical perfection are evident in her portraits. Eugenia says" ...From the moment I meet a person I am painting them in my minds eye."

Eugenia is an artist truly driven by her passion for creating these paintings: what stands out most for me is her warm heart and generous laughter. I wish her every success in her future magic making!

Eugenia Vronskaya

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