Tiffany & Co.

On an wildly hot Milano day I climbed the stairs to my Conde Nast Studio. Under hot lights and a low ceiling, I enjoyed the challenge of creating these cool and crisp images for Tiffany's & Co.

It seems to me that Tiffany's with their signature blue are the last word in cool. Effortless chic!

My brief :  The passage of time.

I experimented with various interpretations of time and it's passage. These images were finally selected by the team.

I love the simplicity of the rose petals. The pop of colour lifts ones spirit and evokes memories of summer days. The radiance and texture of these petals is only momentary, in a few hours they had changed form to potpourri.

For me the passage of time is often embodied as waiting. To survive waiting one requires patience. Therefore I felt this antique box of the game patience, was the perfect foil for the elegant simplicity and modern lines of the Tiffany Watch. 

The thing about hot and sticky Milano shoots is at the end of the day you can have a delicious gelato! 

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