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For the first time an international call from Vogue Italia for new photographic talents was made. It received with raptures.

From the 44,000 Photo Vogue submissions 32 photographers would be selected for exhibition. Greater still, these selected photographers could then compete for a shoot at Vogue Italia. A new phenomenon was born.

The collaborative request of Assorologi & Vogue Italia was a representation of time. Time and it's passing would inspire and inform our response.

My winning image is of a chair in a fisherman's hut in the Scottish Highlands. The windows of the cottage had been blown in by storms. As a consequence the passage of winters and springs had been marked as tides of leaves across the floor.

I fell in love with the time worn colour palette of reds and russets. The little chair standing strong waiting for the fish and their hunters to return.

I am enormously grateful to have been selected in the 32 photographers. The additional honour of shooting for Vogue Italia as a member of the final Photo Vogue Team is an experience I will always treasure. Treasure and hopefully repeat many, many times!

The exhibition was hosted at Palazzo Morando during the spectacular event of Vogue's Fashion Night Out Milano.

    Franca Sozzani -  Editor in Chief, Vogue Italia.

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